A country of contrasts: Desert, glaciers, islands, lakes and volcanoes. Here are some of the many reasons to visit Chile.

Isla Magdalena

If you have got a thing for penguins then look no further than Isla Magdalena, located just off of the coast of Punta Arenas. Hundreds of the cute little critters can be seen up close and personal as they huddle together, and waddle around.

The Marble Caves

Hidden underneath a peninsula in the picturesque Lago Carrera General is the spectacular Cuevas de Marmol (Marble Caves). The aqua and turquoise waters bounce sunlight onto the roof of the caves, creating a stunning reflection that is unlike anywhere else on earth.

Easter Island

Just a few thousand miles offshore lies one of the worlds most isolated inhabited islands. Easter Island is most famous for its mysterious Moai statues, but its got plenty of great scenery and fascinating indigenous culture as well.

The Wine Regions

Most of Chile’s wine is produced within just a few hours drive of Santiago. Through-out the region a huge number of world-class vineyards offer wine tasting tours where a copious amount of vino is liberally dispersed among thirsty travellers.

La Serena

Heading north of the capital, and the first place worth a visit is the pleasant seaside town of La Serena. Head for nearby Islas Damas to hike, swim, or snorkel among the adorable penguins and sea lions.

Itineraries and Attractions

Central Chile Roadtrip

Central Chile Roadtrip

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