Day 1/2

Helsinki to Kouvola

140km/2 hours

Collect your motorhome from our rental partner but take some time to explore this historic city, which dates from 1150. There are many art noveau buildings, as well as neo-classical, some of which give Helsinki its nickname “the white city of the north”

En route to Kouvola, you will pass through Porvoo, the countrys second oldest city.

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Day 3

Kouvola to Mikkeli

110km – 2 hours

The drive today takes you past many lakes and dense forests. Mikkeli has one of the largest wooden churches in Finland as well as three interesting museums

A place to stay: Visulahti Camping

Day 4

Mikkeli to Joensuu

250km -4 hours

Be sure to stop off at Olavinlinna Castle on your drive. This is one of the best known historic sites in the country. As you enter the region of North Karelia, you will be surrounded by lakes and rivers.

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Day 5

Joensuu to Nurmes

280km – 5 hours

This route goes through the Koli National Park which offers spectacular scenery and a range of activities throughout the year.

Nurmes is famed for its unspoilt surroundings, pure crystal clear water and clean air

A place to stay: Campsite Hyvarila

Day 6

Nurmes to Kajaani

110km – 2 hours

A short drive today, but the marketplace in Kajaani, on the banks of the River Kajaaninjoki is worth a visit. The 17th Century ruined castle and the wooden town hall are fascinating.

A place to stay: Campsite Naapurivaaran Lomakeskus

Day 7

Kajaani to Kuopio

180km 3 hours

Kuopio is a Lakeland harbour town known for its dance and wine festivals. Life revolves around the lakefront and many enjoy watching steam boats on the water. The Puijo Tower offers amazing views of the lake district.

A place to stay: Campsite Atrain

Day 8

Kuopio to Tampere

300km 4 hours

A long drive, which can be broken up with a visit to Jyvaskyla, a lively city which is famous for physical recreation and sport with themed walking and cycling routes.

Tampere is known as the Sauna Capital of the world and is home to the world’s only Moomin Museum! According to residents, Tampere is not just a city, it’s a state of mind.

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Day 9

Tampere to Helsinki

200km 3 hours

A leisurely drive back to the capital city to drop off your motorhome