Norway is a country with plenty of space, friendly people and lots to offer. Here are some of the many reasons to visit Norway.

Mount Floyen

If you want to get the best vistas across Bergen, then you need to visit Mount Floyen, which is a 399 metres summit that overlooks the city. Why not take the railway to the top, which takes 8 minutes and affords you views over Bergen and its notable Fjords. Close to the summit there is a lookout area, and if you don’t fancy the railway, you can always hike to the top. Another big draw here is the Floyen Folk Restaurant which has traditional music recitals and local foods.


Geirangerfjord is a massive part of the Norwegian Fjord Network, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stretches across many miles, but some of the highlights include Alesund in the north which is known for its icy Norwegian scenery. Other good spots include Sunnylvsfjord which has some of the prettiest vista’s over the countryside.

The Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is the work of a Norwegian architect and dates from 1965. As a result, this is one of the newer cathedrals in the country and is built in a dramatic style. The structure is meant to look like large blocks of ice and you will find sparkling mosaics inside as well as the iconic façade which is made of glass and marked with a large crucifix. During the winter time the cathedral is light up from the outside making it appear even more spectacular.

The Arctic Circle

Many people do not realise that much of Norway is located in the Arctic Circle, and this means that it is the best place to look for the Midnight Sun. This natural phenomenon happens every year around the summer solstice when the sun never sets and it is permanently day time. Another key feature of the Arctic Circle is the presence of the famous Northern Lights which are made by particles from the sun entering the earths atmosphere.

Atlantic Ocean Road

A trip along the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway is not to be missed. The route spans 5 miles of rugged yet spectacular coastline and will take you past charming fishing villages as well as picturesque sights like ancient churches. There is a set route you can follow as this is now one of the top attractions in Norway and one of the main points of interest is the iconic Troll’s church cave.

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