Day 1

Johannesburg to Mokopane

160 miles – 2 hours

This is a rural farming area, the town is surrounded by tobacco, cotton, wheat, citrus, maize and peanut farms. The nearby Makapansgat caves date back over 3 million years.

The town is a popular stop off for travellers heading to the Kruger National Park

A place to stay: Limpopo Caravan Park

Day 2-5

Mokopane to Kruger National Park

200 miles – 3 hours

This game reserve deserves a few days stay in order that the area can be appreciated. The park extends 360km north to south and 65km east to west. It’s possible to see the “big 5” here in the wild, Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo.

A place to stay: This will depend on your route around the park – there are numerous rest camps.