A country in the Northwest extremity of the United States with a large amount of natural beauty. A vast uninhabited wilderness overwhelms the small cities in the state.

Denali National Park

One of the largest national parks in the USA and has North Americas highest mountain. 6 million acres make up Alaska’s interior wilderness. Home to grizzly bears, wolves, reindeer and other animals, a single road leads to the park which is only accessible by approved buses.


Tracy Arm Fjord

Tracy Arm, a classic fjord, has it all- tidewater and elevated glaciers, breath-taking mountains and sheer rock walls that reach up over a mile high with waterfalls that tumble down to the emerald green water, and Alaska’s largest icebergs. Visitors can enjoy cruises to see whales, bears, harbour seals and of course the beautiful glaciers.


Alaskan Highway

The Alaskan highway runs from Dawson’s Creek in Canada through the Yukon Territory to Delta Junctions near Fairbanks. This route is a favourite with recreational visitors so why not take your motorhome through the scenic views this route has to offer.


Kenai Fjords National Park

A picturesque park on the Kenai Peninsular featuring a huge ice field of glaciers and diverse wildlife. A day cruise will allow you to see a wide range of marine life and take in the stunning scenery, this will depart from Seward.


Glacier Bay National Park

This park and preserve is another example of Alaska’s wild and majestic beauty. Activities at the national park include hiking, fishing, kayaking and flightseeing. While there a no places to camp that accommodate motorhomes, there are some in the surrounding areas.


Itinaries and Attractions