Day 1

Low Angeles to Barstow

130 miles

Collect your motorhome from Cruise America’s Los Angeles station and head 132 miles to Barstow to overnight. Most visitors now are here for the two outlet malls and their one hundred stores.Take the shuttle from KOA to the silver mining ghost town of Calico.

A place to stay: KOA Barstow campground

Day 2

Barstow. Las Vegas

140 miles

A freeway drive of about two hours, skirting the Mojave Desert, that will bring you to Las Vegas. Spend the day wandering the strip and decide what show you want to see tonight. Tickets are normally available and there are several Cirque du Soleil performances going on in various hotels – any one is a fabulous choice.

A place to stay: Oasis Las Vegas

Day 3

Las Vegas to Kingman

120 miles

You will cross into Arizona today via the Hoover Dam. There is so much to see and explore in this amazing man-made structure that channels the mighty Colorado River through turbines at eighty five miles an hour and so create power for much of three states. Visit the Museum and see how it was constructed – a colossal and costly feat of man’s ingenuity.

A place to stay: Blake Ranch RV Park

Day 4

Kingman to Grand Canyon

175 miles

The longest remaining stretch of Route 66 starts in Kingman and runs through to Ash Fork. You will pass through the Hualapai Indian Reservation at Peach Springs and tantalizingly close to the Grand Canyon but you just cannot get to it by road from here! You’ll have got your kicks on Route 66 though and at Williams, you’ll head north to the Grand Canyon. Visit the Canyon’s rim as the sun goes down but be sure to be there again at first light.

A place to stay: Trailer Village RV Park

Days 5/6

Grand Canyon to Phoenix

270 miles

During just over four hours driving south on InterState 17 you will see the landscape change from the lushness in the north with its pines and aspens, to the desert of the south with its giant cacti and sagebrush. It is a fascinating drive for that reason alone but as you come through the Coconino Forest, Sedona is an ideal place to break your journey. Your campground is located on the eastern edge of Scottsdale, where the Four Peaks rise from the desert floor.

A place to stay: Eagle View RV Resort

Day 7

Phoenix to Blythe

175 miles

Unashamedly, a stop ‘halfway between where you’ve been and where you want to go’. Blythe, alongside the Colorado River, makes its living looking after tourists who are just passing through and they’ll make you more than welcome.

A place to stay: Riviera RV Resort

Day 8

Blythe to Palm Desert

155 miles

Stop off at Joshua Tree National Park and possibly the Salton Sea State Recreation Area on your way to Palm Springs, or we should say next door neighbour, Palm Desert. This is a ‘desert drive’ but it’s an interesting one to your destination on Frank Sinatra Drive.

A place to stay: Emerald Desert RV Park

Day 9

Palm Desert to Campland Resort

140 miles

And now to the Pacific Ocean and the beach. You can head south from your campground and take a country drive through Pinion Flats, the edge of the San Bernardino National Forest and through the Cleveland Forest to join up with the Interstate into San Diego. Or you can take the Interstate all the way and be at the beach in a couple of hours.

A place to stay: Campland RV Resort

Day 10

Allow around two hours (110 miles) to get back to the motorhome depot, especially if driving in rush hour.

Abridged version of an itinerary supplied by our motorhome partners in USA