USA – West

Stretching from Canada to Mexico, the west coast highways pass many beach towns, some famous, some not. Inland, you can drive through wine country and desert

Seattle: Close to mountains with names like Forbidden Peak and Mount Fury, soaking up some of Seattle’s famous coffee culture would be a good way of preparing yourself for the drive ahead. Maybe it’s the mountain air, but some of the towns here are a little different. For example, Leavenworth went under a German makeover in the 1960’s and now it’s like stepping out in an Bavarian village.

Oregon: The state of Oregon has some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the USA. Gather razor clams in Gearhart or checkout Haystack Rock, the worlds third-tallest sea stack. Further along the coast, Depoe Bay is seen as the worlds whale-watching capital.

Yellowstone: Half the world’s geysers can be found in this national park area, alongside rivers and waterfalls. From a wildlife perspective, there are bears, wolves and bison amongst many other species running free. The Lamar Valley is named the “Serengeti of North America” due to its herds of elk, coyotes and other animals. The most famous Geyser, Old Faithful, faithfully erupts around every 90 minutes

Las Vegas: the iconic Strip looks better at night than it does during the day. Then again, in Las Vegas, it is possible to move between many buildings without even going outside.

Grand Canyon: The size of the Canyon takes many first time visitors by surprise. It is a five hour drive between the North Rim and South Rim, however you will see views and sights can cannot be surpassed anywhere else.

San Francisco: The iconic Golden Gate Bridge and equally famous Alcatraz or Pier 39 are all must-sees

Pismo Beach: a retro beach town with a famous long sandy beach and pier

Santa Barbara: Surrounded by vineyards, Santa Barbara has a particularly laid back feel. It’s the type of resort where it doesn’t seem out of place to see a movie star or two enjoying a gelato as they promenade along Stearns Wharf

Malibu: With Surfin USA by the Beach Boy’s in the back of your mind, Malibu is bordered by compounds owned by the Hollywood glitterati. Nearby Santa Monica is one end of the famous Route 66 and the sign on the pier is one of the most photographed in the world.

San Clemente: Home of surfing legends, this is where people live out their days in the surf lifestyle and somehow keep the culture alive.

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