Terms & Conditions

Affordable Motorhome Rentals Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you read through our terms and conditions carefully.

  1. Your contract with Affordable Motorhome Rentals
    Please read these booking conditions carefully as, together with the specific information about your confirmed motorhome rental booking, they form the basis of your contract with Affordable Travel Group Limited, company number 06753436, Cambridge House, 27 Cambridge Park, Wansted, London, E11 2PU

    We arrange motorhome rentals for our customers ("you") with independent motorhome rental suppliers, so when you make a booking with us, either via our website, our reservations department or through your travel agent, you enter into a contract with Affordable Car Hire in relation to the arrangement of your motorhome hire. We arrange motorhome hire as a single component (with certain insurances provided by the supplier included as part of the total price) and not as part of a package. Accordingly The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 do not apply to your contract with
    Affordable Car Hire. Please also refer to clause 6.Your motorhome rental

    When you collect your motorhome, you will also be required to enter into a contract with the individual motorhome supplier which contains your responsibilities in relation to the rental vehicle. You should satisfy yourself that you understand and agree to those terms and conditions before you accept your motorhome, as you will be legally bound to the supplier under that contract.

  2. Our Prices
    Our motorhome rental prices are correct at the time of publishing on our website. Prices shown are for each of the motorhome specification/category and the requested rental period. We reserve the right to alter any of our advertised prices at any time before your contract is confirmed. You will be advised of the current rental price together with the cost of any optional extras that you have chosen, before your contract is confirmed.

    What is included/What is excluded
    All motorhome packages vary as to what is included and excluded and the terms and conditions are variable between suppliers. The package will be tailored to suit your needs and the inclusions, exclusions and conditions will be confirmed to you, in full at the time of receiving a quote and provided in documentation at the time of booking.

  3. Making a booking and payment
    Bookings may be made online or by calling our Reservations department on 0345 9000 420 or through your travel agent. You must pay us or your travel agent a deposit of 30% (or such other amount advised at the time of booking) upon making your booking, with the balance of the total price for your motorhome rental, including any optional extras, being due to us six weeks before the scheduled vehicle collection date. Bookings made six weeks or less before the collection date must be paid in full at the time of booking. If we do not receive your balance by the due date, we may cancel your booking and keep your deposit. Payments made to your travel agent in respect of your booking with us shall be deemed to be a payment to Affordable Motorhome Rentals.

  4. Your Responsibility For Your Booking

    When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions. This means that you are responsible for making all payments due, notifying us if any changes or cancellations are required, and for receiving the confirmation and keeping your party informed.

    You must advise us of your age and the ages of any additional drivers, and any other travellers when making your booking. Minimum and maximum age limits vary according to the terms of the local motorhome rental supplier. Usually, drivers must be 21 years or over with at least 12 months' minimum driving experience and in some countries there is an additional surcharge payable locally for drivers under 25 years. Please check with us for age limits and surcharges when booking.

    Drivers must hold and produce on the collection of their motorhome rental an original full and clean national driving licence from their country of residence for at least one year. No photocopies or fax copies are accepted. In some cases an international driving permit may be required. A motorhome rental supplier may refuse to rent a motorhome to a person with endorsements on their licence or who, in their opinion, is unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. No refunds will be given for rentals rejected due to non-production of a driving licence or non-disclosed endorsements.

  5. Your Motorhome Rental
    All motorhome rentals that we arrange with our suppliers are subject to availability. Motorhomes are classified in groups on the specifications of the vehicle, and so when you make a booking with us, we may arrange the supply of a different make and model or type fuel to the vehicle shown on your booking, as long as the vehicle has a similar size and specification.

    At the time of collection the renter (lead driver, as named on the reservation) is required to sign a contract/rental agreement with the local motorhome supplier. Please ensure you have read this contract fully and have checked with the supplier if you are unsure of any details. Once signed, the renter accepts the terms and conditions of the company and Affordable Motorhome Rentals have no liability under that agreement.

    The rental vehicle has been booked based on the information given by you or your travel agent at the time of booking. If you decide to upgrade locally you are liable for all upgrade charges. Please ensure that you read all documents thoroughly before signing.

    Additional items such as baby/child seats, snow chains, additional drivers, satellite navigation and consoles, as advertised on our website, must be specifically requested at the time of booking. They are also subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed at any time. In most cases a small charge will be made and may be subject to local taxes and surcharges. This is payable to the supplier upon collection of the Motorhome.

    Please note if you want to take a pet in your motorhome with you, you must enquire and advise us before the booking is placed so we can check with the individual supplier, incase of any differences that may occur to the original terms or policy. In addition some may charge for this service.

  6. Amendments To Your Booking
    After our confirmation has been issued, any requests for changes must be sent to us in writing by email to info@affordablemotorhomerentals.com or post by the person who made the booking. We will do our best to try to arrange your requested changes with the supplier; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make the changes requested as they will be applicable at the time of change. An Admin Charge of £150 will be charged for amendments including, but not limited to, Name changes, date change, time changes, & vehicle changes. Please note some suppliers do not allow amendments and ask you to cancel and rebook, if this is the case we will advise you and the new advertised price will be applicable but we will try and assist where we can.

  7. Cancellations By You
    If you want to cancel your booking at any time before the Motorhome Rental Commencement date, the person that made the booking must send email to info@affordablemotorhomerentals.com quoting your booking reference. Your cancellation will take effect from the date we receive your communication between the hours of 09.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, and 10.00am to 14.00pm Saturday.
    Cancellations are only accepted when received in writing from the lead driver or travel agent by Affordable Motorhome Rentals. Terms of Cancellation are as follows: Subject to when the cancellation is received, the following charges will apply:

    Outside 50 days of Departure – Loss Of Deposit
    Within 49 days of Departure – 100% cancellation fee

  8. Changes Or Cancellations By Us
    We reserve the right to change or cancel your booking. If we make a change to your booking, other than as a result of circumstances beyond our control (as defined below), and you don't want to accept it, you can take any alternative Motorhome Rental we are able to offer you (in which case you will pay the increase in cost if the replacement is advertised at a higher price than your original booking, or receive a refund of the difference if it is less expensive) or you can take a refund of the money you've paid to us.
    This does not apply where the change is not material. Examples of non-material changes include, but are not limited to, change of Motorhome vehicle to a similar size or specification. We will not be liable for any change that results from circumstances beyond our control. If we have to cancel your booking, other than as a result of circumstances beyond our control (as defined below) again, we may be able to offer you an alternative. If you accept it, you would pay the difference if it was advertised at a higher price than your original Motorhome rental, or receive a refund if it was advertised at a lower price. Or we will simply refund the monies you have paid us for your Motorhome rental. We will not be responsible to pay any compensation following a change or cancellation by us. Any amendment or cancellation fees you incur in terms of other arrangements you have made with other providers under separate contracts or the cost of securing alternative Motorhome Rentals are not claimable from us. "Circumstances beyond our control".
    Affordable Motorhome Rentals cannot be responsible if a Technical error, which can occasionally happen from a Motorhome Rental supplier’s electronic live api/xml feed in relation to pricing or availability.

  9. Our Responsibility For Your Booking
    Affordable Motorhome Rentals has a duty to use reasonable skill and care in selecting Motorhome rental suppliers to provide your Motorhome Rental and in making your Motorhome Rental arrangements with those suppliers. We will be liable to you if we have breached those duties. Therefore, provided we have selected your Motorhome Rental supplier with reasonable skill and care, we have no liability to you arising out of the Motorhome rental itself or any acts or omissions of the supplier or others.
    Without limitation to the above, Affordable Motorhome Rentals also has no liability in the following situations:

    Where the Motorhome rental cannot be provided as booked due to circumstances outside our control (as defined in section 8 above);

    Where you incur any loss or damage that could not have been foreseen at the time of your booking, based on the information provided by you;

    Where you incur any loss or damage that relates to any business activity;

    Where any loss or damage relates to any services that do not form part of our contract with you.

    Examples of non-material changes include, but are not limited to, change of Motorhome to a similar size or specification. We will not be liable for any change that results from circumstances beyond our control.
    If we have to cancel your booking, other than as a result of circumstances beyond our control (as defined below) again, we may be able to offer you an alternative. If you accept it, you would pay the difference if it was advertised at a higher price than your original Motorhome rental, or receive a refund if it was advertised at a lower price. Or we will simply refund the monies you have paid us for your Motorhome rental.

  10. Your Responsibilities
    Without limiting any of your responsibilities under any other section of these booking conditions, the following are your responsibilities under your contract with us:
    If you are collecting your Motorhome at the airport, you must provide us with the correct outbound flight number and estimated arrival time when making your booking. If not possible at the time of booking, please ensure this information is provided to our Reservations team more than 7 days before your Motorhome collection date. If we are not supplied with the correct flight information in good time and as a result, the Motorhome rental supplier does not have a vehicle for your collection at the time specified in your booking, neither we nor the supplier has any liability to you. Note that if your flight is delayed you may incur additional charges to the supplier for waiting time.

    When picking up your Motorhome Rental, you must present your original rental voucher and your full valid driving licence (as detailed under Eligibility). Failure to present the correct documentation may result in the supplier refusing to supply the vehicle to you. No refund will be given in these circumstances.

    You must pay the Motorhome rental supplier any charges and taxes not included in the Motorhome rental price on collection of your vehicle (see Our Prices, What is excluded above), as well as any deposit for fuel or excess required. We advise that ALL named drivers carry a valid credit card.(Please note Prepaid Credit & Debit Cards are NOT accepted)

    If you have taken out any other insurance to waive your excess, it is your responsibility to notify this to the Motorhome rental supplier on collection of your vehicle. Affordable Motorhome Rentals is not responsible for any deposit or other payment you make to the Motorhome rental supplier in relation to the excess.

    You must not exceed the permitted maximum number of passengers for the vehicle. Insurances may be invalidated if passengers exceed the permitted maximum.
    You must check with the Motorhome rental supplier on collection, the arrangements regarding fuel. Affordable Motorhome Rentals is not liable for the arrangements regarding fuel.
    You must conduct a thorough check of the condition of the vehicle before accepting it and you must note any scratches or dents on the supplier's Motorhome rental contract.

    Where deposits are required to be made with the Motorhome rental supplier, a major credit card is usually required for these purposes. The credit card holder should be the main driver (as named on the reservation) otherwise additional charges and/or the suppliers local insurances may apply. Direct debit cards are not accepted for deposit purposes and cash deposits are seldom accepted (please check when booking).

    If driving across different countries, states or provinces please check that this is permitted by the supplier before doing so and note that this may be charged for. Failure to obtain prior permission may result in the renter's insurance policy being void and the renter may then be subject to all charges personally. (Please check with Reservations).

    Upon collection of your vehicle and during the rental, if you are dissatisfied in any way with the standard of the vehicle, you must report this to the rental supplier immediately.

    In case of breakdown or mechanical difficulties, you must immediately call the Motorhome rental company, whose telephone number will appear on the rental agreement. Authority to obtain repairs or replacement vehicles must be given by the local Motorhome Rental Company. If you are involved in an accident in the vehicle, the local police and the Motorhome Rental Company must be informed, even if there is no damage excess. You must keep copies of any relevant documentation you are asked to complete.

    You are responsible for any parking or traffic fines, toll charges, unpaid tolls may incur administration fees/fines/penalties, tow away charges or impounding fees incurred by you. Please note that this rule also applies to airport waiting areas and vehicles must be redelivered to points as instructed at time of collection.

  11. Complaints
    Any problem that arises during your Motorhome rental period should be raised with the Motorhome rental supplier or with an Affordable Motorhome Rentals representative immediately who will endeavour to put things right. In the event of a problem with your Motorhome Rental booking that cannot be resolved locally with the Motorhome Rental Company please contact us on:

    Working Hours (UK Time): Tel +44 (0) 345 9000 420
    Out of Office Hours: Tel: +44 (0) 7876 683 924

    You should also try to find a solution before the end of the Motorhome rental period. If the problem is not resolved locally, please follow this up, after the end of the Motorhome Rental period by emailing to info@affordablemotorhomerentals.com or writing to our Customer Services Department at

    Unit 11, Broxbourne Business Centre, Pindar Road, Hoddesdon, EN11 0FJ.

    Please bear in mind that we are only liable to compensate you in line with these booking conditions - in particular section 9 above makes clear that our obligation is to choose the Motorhome Rental provider with reasonable skill and care. Any dispute or claim arising out of this contract that can't be settled between us can be referred by you to the ABTA arbitration scheme or to a court.

  12. Data Protection
    In order to process your booking and to ensure that your booking runs smoothly and meets your requirements we need to use the information you provide such as name and address. We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. We must pass the information to our Motorhome Rental suppliers and also to security or credit checking companies, public authorities such as customs or immigration if required by them, or as otherwise required by law. You are entitled to a copy of your information held by us. If you would like to see this, please write to Customer Services or email info@affordablemotorhomerentals.com

    We may wish to contact you by post, email and or telephone with news, information and offers and for market research purposes. If you prefer not to be contacted for any of these purposes, please write to Customer Services or email info@affordablemotorhomerentals.com. You may subscribe and unsubscribe online for our newsletters at any time.

Summary Of Insurances
The following is a general summary of the insurances typically included in the rental contract with your

Motorhome Rental supplier. The precise terms of the insurances vary according to the Motorhome Rental


  • Third Party Insurance
    Third party insurance covers damage to the property of a third party caused by your vehicle. Please refer to the suppliers Rental Agreements for details on any applicable excesses.
  • Collision Damage Waiver
    Collision Damage Waiver waives your liability to pay for any damage caused to the vehicle during the period of hire, subject to the exclusions listed below. Your liability is waived subject to you paying a charge, referred to as an "excess", which limits your liability to the cost of the excess only. In some instances, an excess will not apply and you will be advised of this at the time of making your booking.
  • Exclusions Include:
    "When damage is caused to windows/windscreen, interior, wheels, tyres, underside or roof of the Motorhome"
    "Where any rental vehicle has been driven off-road, on un-tarmacked roads, without due care and attention or negligently"
    "Where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs"
    "Where the driver(s) are not been named on the rental agreement"
    "When damage is caused by the rental vehicle being towed away by any unauthorised third party"
    "Where an exclusion applies, your liability to pay for any damage will not be waived and you may be liable for the full cost up to and exceeding the excess.

Theft Protection Insurance
Theft Protection (sometimes known as Theft Waiver) provides coverage for the theft or damage resulting from attempted theft of the vehicle, its parts and accessories up to their full value, and any loss that your Motorhome Rental supplier may incur. You are responsible for the excess of the claim - this may cover single or multiple parts of the vehicle which are damaged at the same time. Where damage is caused to the vehicle on separate occasions, each incident will be considered as a separate claim, which you will be required to pay as part of the overall excess deposit (unless you are advised that this is not applicable at the time of making your booking). Once the rental vehicle is in your possession, your loss will be limited provided the keys are returned in accordance with the terms and conditions of your rental contract with the supplier.

Exclusions Include:
Where the keys are lost, damaged or stolen, you will be liable for the reasonable costs of obtaining replacement keys which will be in addition to any excess deposit paid.
Further costs exceeding the excess will apply if the loss, damage or theft of the keys is directly related to the theft of the vehicle. These costs will be defined by the supplier.