Campervans; Motorhomes and RV’s

For many, the names Campervan, Motorhome and RV all mean the same thing. However there are many differences between the many vehicles available in the market.

Campervans are normally compact 2 (or sometimes 3) berth vehicles. Usually there is no division between the driving area and the living area and certainly no space to stand upright. These vehicles will have very basic kitchen facilities and no bathroom but are easy to handle and economical to drive. They are primarily built for the explorer in mind. For size reference, think Citroen Berlingo up to a Transit van

Motorhomes are larger vehicles which can sleep up to 8 people. Usually built on a truck or bus chassis, there will be more separation between the driving and living areas. In many Motorhomes, the driver and passenger seats can be swiveled around to become part of the living area. Some may have a bed space above the drivers compartment. Motorhomes will have kitchen and bathroom facilities (often with more than one WC) and room to walk around inside.

RV’s are the vehicle that many people aspire to own, or at least get the opportunity to rent. Some US-versions are as big as a coach and have room for a small car in the rear compartment. Many have slide-out sections which significantly increase the living space. They also offer plenty of storage and can offer up to ten sleeping spaces and full bathrooms.



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