Campervan Vehicles

Great for a short break with up to 4 people, generally no toilet and basic cooking facilities.

Vehicles are compact in size, easy to park and more economical.

Available options

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Budgie Van
With original artwork and a basic but very comfortable interior, you will be the envy of every other traveller, with this affordable van hire.

Our Budgie Van is fully equipped with all the necessities of travelling. It even has a tropical ice-box, 2 USB plug-ins, and internal LED lights which are powered by a second battery. This home on wheels will help you get the most out of your adventure Down Under!

Backpacker, budget, cheap, thrifty, economic, whatever you call it, you don’t miss out on anything with our Budgie Van for hire.

What better way is there to see our magnificent countryside than behind the wheel of one of our cheap van rentals. After a day’s driving, you can pull up to your campsite, cook dinner and then sit back and relax, enjoying your meal whilst taking in one of Australia’s beautiful sunsets. And at the end of, the day you retire to a comfortable double bed in the privacy of your own hotel room – on wheels!
  • Sleeps: 0
  • Brands:Travellers_Auto_Barn_Logo_ANGLED.jpg
  • Available:iconfinder_Australia_91961.png
Chubby Camper.jpg
Chubby Camper
The Chubby Campervan is the perfect 2-berth van for the Australian road trip of a lifetime! Whether you are setting off down the coast or exploring far and wide, this savvy and compact camper has all your road trip needs covered.

The Chubby Camper is ideal for two people with lots of internal space to eat & sleep as well as a built-in kitchenette with lots of space to cook PLUS funky LED internal lights PLUS 2 USB CHARGERS!!! And yes – it comes with a TROPICAL ICE BOX that will keep your ice much colder & last longer than a usual esky (plus you save on any campsite fees as it doesn’t require any electrical power to recharge).

With plenty of storage for your personal items as well as two electrical power-plugs to charge your electrical appliances (only at powered campsites) all you need to throw in is your sense of adventure.
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Brands:Travellers_Auto_Barn_Logo_ANGLED.jpg
  • Available:iconfinder_Australia_91961.png
Hitop Campervan.jpg
Hitop Campervan
The HiTop campervan is a thoughtfully designed vehicle that sleeps 2 to 3 people. Functional cooking and storage areas included. Cheap, thrifty, economic, whatever you call it, don’t be misconceived by the price. You won’t miss out on anything in these wonderfully fitted HiTop campers for hire from Travellers Autobarn whilst you are in Australia.
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Brands:Travellers_Auto_Barn_Logo_ANGLED.jpg
  • Available:iconfinder_Australia_91961.png
HI5 Camper.jpg
HI5 Camper
Travellers Autobarn is presenting its biggest vehicle – the Hi5 Camper. The Hi5 Camper is ideal for groups or families who would like to travel around Australia. Campervans like this which are taller (you can actually stand in it!), roomier and full of features, can be very rare for backpackers/budget travellers looking to travel around Australia on their own pace.

The Hi5 Camper can accommodate the following groups:
• 4 mature adults; or
• 5 young adults; or
• 2 adults & 3 kids

Our Hi 5 campervan comes with a large fridge, a microwave, sink and gas stove. They are fully equipped for travelling and living comfortably in the outback, the city, or just down at the beach.
  • Sleeps: 5
  • Brands:Travellers_Auto_Barn_Logo_ANGLED.jpg
  • Available:iconfinder_Australia_91961.png
Budget Camper
Don’t miss out on these budget campers for hire – they are very well loved and as such are a bit more worn around the edges but still very comfortable and reliable.

The key difference of the Budget Campers to HiTops Campervans are:

• 2006 – 2008 models
• Higher mileage
• More wear & tear

As for their namesake – if you are on a ‘budget’ –  then hire yourself one of our Budget Campers. Like our other products within the Travellers Autobarn range, these budget campervans are routinely serviced and maintained to ensure that you have a safe and carefree on-road travel holiday.
  • Sleeps: 0
  • Brands:Travellers_Auto_Barn_Logo_ANGLED.jpg
  • Available:iconfinder_Australia_91961.png